Eight Years

The other day, my boss said that his son’s split from his ex was about eight years start to finish. Eight years before the harassment stopped. Eight years until they could finally relax and breathe. I have a solid six, almost seven years to go and with everyday I believe this eight year theory moreContinue reading “Eight Years”

What Kept Me Quiet

On Instagram, I follow a few women with similar stories to mine. A few weeks ago, one of them posted something that caught my attention. It was also something I struggled with, but I never fully understood how it impacted me. For the majority of my relationship, people would comment on how lucky I was.Continue reading “What Kept Me Quiet”

Sleepless Nights

I go through spurts where I can’t sleep. When I can’t, I do my best to not let my mind wander. Sometimes, I can’t help it. Recently, I learned of a couple who found out one was cheating, actually the whole town found out that one was cheating. For so many reasons I cannot getContinue reading “Sleepless Nights”

A Road To Success

This past week I finally earned a designation that I have worked so hard towards. Obtaining this designation was an obligation I had to fulfill when I accepted my current job, and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. When I accepted the job, things were on the rocks with my ex butContinue reading “A Road To Success”

Incapable of Change

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook as I had my morning coffee, and I saw this. It hit me hard, and not in a painful way but more in validation of where I am today. In one of my last posts, I spoke of how it has been a year since I made someContinue reading “Incapable of Change”

Mental Health Untreated

There are so many people whom I love that are living with mental illness. I have always respected them, but never took the time to fully understand what they lived with on a daily basis. That changed when it began to impact my life and my children’s lives directly. Early on in our relationship, IContinue reading “Mental Health Untreated”

The Things I Never Knew…

There are days when I learn of behaviors that my ex displayed, or situations that my kids witnessed that I never knew anything about. I am so thankful they feel comfortable enough to tell me openly know, but it tears my heart apart knowing that I was so wrapped up in my own survival thatContinue reading “The Things I Never Knew…”

Listen Up, Mommas!

As a girl, I was raised very traditional. Mom did everything in the house, and dad was the bread winner and the “head” of the household. I was raised to believe that as a woman, your job is to marry a man who will take care of you financially. After high school, I was justContinue reading “Listen Up, Mommas!”