I Almost Died…. Not Really

Most of my posts are super serious, and I do have a lot of fun in my life and I want to share some of that with you all. This is just being me, the over-thinking, awkward human I am.

In the summer, I love camping and I try to go as often as I can. I just want to be on the water and outdoors. The best part of where I go camping is the limited cell service, I love not having to respond and not having to be plugged in all the time. Also, I do use this as an excuse, mostly to those who actually call me. I have literally watched the phone ring and send them a text apologizing for the poor cell service and I will call when I am on the way home. Maybe it is rude, but sometimes I just need the peace. Also, this has NOTHING to do with my story, other than I go camping.

Last Sunday, I was unpacking from my weekend and I was a bit slow and tired as it was my birthday and I had the opportunity to celebrate a bit. So naturally, I did. As I am sorting the laundry, a MAMMOTH spider fell out of some towels that I had hanging on the line to dry. This spider may not be large if you are from Australia, but for us Canadians this was large. I went into panic mode, which is weird in itself because I will claim I am not afraid of spiders. Turns out I am. So I began to scream like a little girl.

Through my screams I began calling for my boyfriend to come save me. I don’t think he understood the urgency because it seemed to take him forever to get over there. Or maybe he was just as scared as me but didn’t want to admit it. Finally, he gets there and squishes it and it lies twitching on the ground. He tells me it was dead so I went to go and grab a tissue and throw it away. But it wasn’t dead at all, or maybe it was a spawn of the devil and came back to life, we will never know for sure. Although, I am sure it could sense my fear. As I picked it up, I squished it and I heard a pop and guts were all over the tissue. It was pretty satisfying, I can’t lie. Let’s not judge me here, I needed to know that this thing was dead. Like a rookie, I opened up the tissue to make sure it was dead and a skinny little spider pops out, falls to the ground and starts scampering away. I again start screaming like a little girl, and jumping because we all know that is the most helpful thing to do in a situation like that, jumping and screaming. Finally, I managed to get the skinny spider and kill it to, but it was terrifying. I felt like this was the trojan horse of spiders, like you kill me but I have a whole bag of little soldiers to mess you up.

Even though no one believes me about the second, skinny spider. I am thankful I get to share these moments with those around me. Who “rescue” me and we can laugh together at my ridiculousness. After all, life can’t always be so serious that we can’t enjoy some of these moments.

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